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5 Top Reasons Why You Should Move to Queensland

Wherever you happen to live in Australia, the Gold Coast conjures up images of golden sandy beaches and a temperate climate, which happens to be an accurate description of this amazing stretch of coastline. If you have had enough of smog filled cities and would like to live in a year-round warm climate with good air quality, Queensland is an excellent choice. Here are a few of the main reasons why people opt for the Gold Coast when looking to relocate.

  1. Predicted Growth in Most Employment Sectors – The Gold Coast is a hive of industry and the Property management gold coast bloor homeschances are that your line of business would be included in the industrial expansion the region is experiencing. This has a positive effect on house prices, which means buying will see a good return on your investment, as property becomes more desired. If you have already made the decision to relocate to the Gold Coast, here is a handy Queensland stamp duty calculator that will help you to work out your relocation expenses.
  2. Sub-Tropical Climate – If you are not a cold climate person, Queensland offers a temperate, year-round climate, which is ideal for those who suffer from arthritis and other physical conditions. This is perhaps the main reason why retired couples prefer to relocate to Queensland, as the climate is ideal for those who prefer to be warm all year round, and you can finally throw away those bulky winter coats and downsize that wardrobe.
  3. Stunning Scenery – With beaches to die for and world heritage rainforests nearby, Queensland has it all. This sub-tropical region is a favourite with domestic and foreign tourists alike, making the Gold Coast Australia’s prime tourist region. Property prices reflect the popularity and if you purchase a property in Queensland, you can expect to see healthy returns on your investment, as the region is tipped to stay at the top of everyone’s list of favourite places to live.
  4. Theme Parks – If you like having fun, Queensland has more theme parks than any other region in Australia. This makes it an ideal destination for both young families and retired couples, who are seeking a place with many great recreational venues, and with lots more exciting developments in the pipeline, Queensland is the place to be if you like adventure experiences. 
  5. The Best Shopping Malls – Queensland rivals the top European cities when it comes to shopping facilities, so if you like to shop until you drop, Brisbane is the city for you. Talk to a local property management specialist to secure your next dream home, and then you and your family can go on great shopping expeditions any time you fancy.

With so much going for it, Queensland is tipped to be the place to live and if you would like to enjoy the many benefits that this sunshine state has to offer, start looking at properties and your dream can soon be transformed into reality.