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Breaking Your Lease


When you break your lease, you are breaking a legally binding document between yourself and the Owner of the property you are renting. In doing so, there are certain costs that you are responsible for:

1. Break Lease Fee, payable to the owner – one week’s rent + GST

2. Rent until a new tenant can be found – payable to the day before the new tenant moves in. During this time you must keep paying your weekly rent regularly as you are still legally responsible for the lease.

Once you have given notice of your intention to vacate the premises, on the appropriate Form 13, we can then legally advertise the property for rent. It is in your best interest to present the property well during inspections so that a new tenant can be found as quickly as possible.

Normal procedures remain when breaking your lease, as they would if you were vacating at the end of your lease. Cleaning, carpet cleaning and pest control are still required to be carried out. A vacating checklist is available at the office for your information.

If you don’t wish to clean the property yourself, contact the office and we will arrange for a reputable cleaner. To avoid disputes, be aware that unless the Condition Report filled in and signed by you at the commencement of tenancy say otherwise, the condition upon occupancy is the same as the condition we require on vacating, less fair wear and tear.
Bond forms will not be released until the day that the new tenant moves in, under any circumstances. Bond money cannot be used to pay your rent.

If you have any queries or concerns, please contact our office to discuss the matter or refer to the attached information sheet from the Residential Tenancies Association.

We thank you for your tenancy and wish you well in your next home.

Gold Coast Property Management