Checklist for Bond Refund


Please take a few minutes to work your way through the list below to ensure the property is left in a rentable condition and your bond is refunded in full: If a mark or stain can be removed using a cloth or a machine then it can be, and must be, cleaned. This includes blinds and curtains found at the premises.

1. GARAGE and DRIVEWAY: Oil spills to be cleaned.

2. EXTERIOR: Free of cobwebs – hosing down is quick and easy.

3. LAWNS & GARDENS: Lawns must be mowed, edges trimmed and garden beds weeded. Note: Lawn clippings and pulled weeds are not to be left in garden beds.

4. RUBBISH: All rubbish to be removed and bins to be washed out & disinfected.

5. FRONT ENTRANCE: Screen door to be washed clean. Main door to be cleaned. Front Entrance to be clean and free of cobwebs.

6. WINDOWS & SCREENS: Cleaned streak-free inside & out; Screens to be washed clean; Window tracks – vacuumed and free from insects & dust.

7. LIGHT FITTINGS: Fittings to be cleaned inside & out, all globes working

8. CEILING FANS / AIR CON UNITS: fans to be wiped clean, outside of air con unit to be wiped clean and internal filter cleaned.

9. OVEN & STOVE: Totally grease-free. Particular attention required with ovens – all internal surfaces to be free of baked-on matter. Ensure Baking Tray & Handle, Grill Rack & 2 Support Racks are left in the oven.

10.EXHAUST FAN ASSEMBLY ABOVE OVEN: Filters cleaned free of grease. Glass and enamel cleaned. Both Bulbs working.

11. KITCHEN: Cupboards and drawers wiped clean inside & out

12. BATHROOMS: Toilets cleaned with bleach. Shower enclosures totally free of grease & mould, shower screens clean and streak free. Extractor fans cleaned.

13. DRAINS: All mould and grime to be cleaned from plug holes using domestos

14. BLINDS: Verticals must be clean and undamaged. If blinds are unclean, they must be washed and rehung – please see us at the office or call Amazing Clean on 55202700.

15. TILES: All tiles should be cleaned and polished, grouting clean. If floors have been maintained during the tenancy, this poses no problem. Otherwise, wiping over with a 50% domestos solution may rejuvenate grout, but please protect any adjacent carpets.

16. BEDROOMS/LINEN PRESS: all shelving generally must be wiped clean, including racks. All mirrors to be clean and streak free.

17. CARPETS: to be professionally cleaned and receipt provided to the office before final inspection

18. PEST CONTROL: to be professionally treated and receipt provided to the office before final inspection

19. GENERAL – All walls and doors to be free of marks; paintwork must be undamaged. We recommend the use of Sugar Soap to clean walls available at all supermarkets. Any repairs are to be done by our painter. For a nominal charge he will prepare surfaces properly and colour-match the paint accurately.


Rent must be paid to the date of vacating the property – bond money cannot be used as rent. Cleaning of the property must be completed before returning keys. YOUR RENT CONTINUES UNTIL ALL KEYS AND REMOTES ARE RETURNED AND THE PROPERTY IS ENTIRELY VACANT.

Upon receiving the keys, and after inspection, the bond form will be signed and processed for refund. Any cleaning left undone will be contracted out; present rate is $35.00 per hour. If you don’t wish to clean the property yourself, contact the office and we will arrange for a reputable cleaner to give you a quote.

To avoid disputes, be aware that unless the Condition Report filled in and signed by you at the commencement of tenancy say otherwise, the condition upon occupancy is the same as the condition we require on vacating, less fair wear and tear.

We thank you for your tenancy and wish you well in your next home.