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Tenant Information

Email or call 07 5519 9220 to request a viewing. Upon signing you will need to provide two weeks rent as a deposit.


We are contactable at the office Monday–Saturday. Public Holidays and all other times for emergency only phone 0409 747 670.


Rent is to be paid by direct electronic payment into the Trust Account, account numbers can be found on the second page of your lease, or call our office for account details.
You must include the property address and/or surname to enable the agent to identify and credit the tenant account. We will not be accountable for processing any deposits received that are not identified and you must allow two days for processing.


Your Rent must be paid on or prior to the due date. Rent arrears are not acceptable. Action will be taken to resolve any rent arrears issues, up to and including termination of tenancy agreements if required. “Rent In Advance” Definition: This is for a period of time you are ABOUT to use. E.G. Before you move into the property you have been asked to pay “2 weeks rent in advance”. Then you move into the property you use up the 2 week rent in advance then you pay another 2 weeks rent and so on. If you wish to pay the rent weekly you then must pay rent the week after you move in to maintain the fortnight in advance.


We have a very strict policy of “Zero Rent Arrears”. Should you choose not to make rental payments in accordance with the tenancy agreement then this will have an overall effect on the tenancy as well as future rental references. If you are experiencing difficulties contact our office immediately to discuss this with us.


For keys requested during business hours Monday to Friday a $10 charge will apply. Outside of these hours a $50 rate will be charged, alternatively you may use a locksmith. Your garage remote is not a guaranteed reliable entrance. It is your responsibility to have your entrance keys to access your home. Damaged fly screens or locks will be considered tenant damage, unless a police crime report number is issued and the managers notified at the time of the incident.


Please notify us immediately of any damage or repair. Any callout for which you are responsible e.g. blocked drains, improper/excessive dishwasher liquid, improperly hooked up TV aerials etc, will be at your cost… If in doubt please check with us first. You can download a copy of the Maintenance Request Form by clicking here.


Before the tenancy commences a thorough inspection has been carried out and a comprehensive Entry Condition Report completed. At the time of signing the lease agreement you will be provided with a copy of this report for your comments.
To ensure there will be a smooth transition when you vacate the property it is essential that you complete and return your copy within three (3) business days. If we do not receive your copy within this time it is deemed you accept the home as per the condition report signed at the time the lease documents were completed and that report will be used upon your vacation.


Inspections are conducted quarterly. You will receive written notification at least 9 days prior to the inspection date. Use this as an opportunity to spring clean the property every 4 months.


If a mark or stain can be removed by using a product or a cloth/machine then it can be (and must be) cleaned. This will ensure the property is being well maintained during the tenancy and will have an effect on future tenancies being offered. It will also have an effect on future rental references required.


If locks have been changed or installed at any time during tenancy a copy must be provided to Bloor Property Management for emergency purposes.


You will be contacted approximately sixty (60) days prior to the end of the fixed term to ascertain your intentions.

Note the decision to renew a tenancy is typically based on how the tenancy has been conducted with special attention to Routine Inspections and punctual rent payments.


Fourteen (14) days written notice prior to vacation is required in the form of a Notice of Intention to Leave. This only applies should the notice be received on or before the end date of the agreement.

You can download the form by clicking here.
You will receive written confirmation and a final inspection guide to maximise bond refund. View the Bond Checklist


is payable up until the day all keys and remotes are delivered to our office.


Bloor Property Management will assist tenants who find it necessary to break the agreement prior to the end date of the fixed term.

You will receive written confirmation and a final inspection guide to vacate the property. Be aware there are charges involved in terminating the tenancy early that must be paid prior to advertising the property for rent.


It is your responsibility to insure your belongings and we recommend that you have contents insurance. Please take precautions to secure your property by locking doors, windows, gates and vehicles at all times.


Please ensure you and your visitors park in your driveway or on the roadway. No persons are to park on the lawns at any time.


Residents are advised to supervise children at all times around garage doors to ensure the safety of the child. Children should not be allowed to hold or use garage door remotes.


Tenants must not smoke in properties.


These are to be installed only at the landlord’s discretion. We do not advise you risk the use of blue-tack, cello tape or other adhesives.


Please take care placing items on sills as you are responsible for any resultant damage.


You are responsible for keeping the garden beds weed free and for general lawn mowing, edge trimming and garden care.


You are to immediately remove oil spills etc as they are increasingly difficult to remove if left. A minimum charge of $75 is payable to a contractor to clean the affected area in the absence of your successful remedial action.


Residents are responsible for prevention and treatment of pests within their property. Any signs of pest should be addressed immediately with professional pest control treatments completed. You must advise us if you notice any significant pest problems to enable us to assist in the resolution of the problem.

Please advise us if you notice any signs of termites such as mud buildups or mud tracks around the property – it is extremely important not to disturb or interfere with these. Please also advise of any damp areas, leaking taps, pooling water etc.


You are responsible for your carpet. Please remove all staining substances immediately to reduce costly repair. Our preferred professional carpet cleaner of choice is ChemDry 0408 192 698.

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